Friday, July 30, 2004


Vladimir! Talk to me, babe.....

Bush's big line out on the 'trail' today is, 'My opponent has good intentions. [pause...knit brow] But good intentions aren't enough. You need [fake salesman grin] results'. Ah, so typical of the Mayberry Machiavellis: always accuse your opponent of what you yourself are guilty of. It's been their MO from the start. Machiavellian or not, it's a technique common to insurgencies everywhere. Doing it not only preempts the strongest, most obvious criticism of you - and, incidently, precludes serious debate - but it baffles and disorients your opponent. It reminds me of the old adolescent trick of answering a ringing phone with: 'Hello? Is Harold there?'. W-w-wa-HUH?!

It's not very 'hopeful' or 'uplifting' of me to say it, but God, how I despise these people.


I notice that Josh Marshall at TPM is thinking along the same lines, but I would submit that the more pertinent sound bite is the shorter one, the one I cited; unless they feel they are in very deep doo doo (which they probably do, although incoherent scrambling is nothing new nor rare with this administration), they can't believe they are really going to get very far comparing Bush's life with Kerry's - a dangerous comparison, as TPM points out. I think the broader 'theme' is that Kerry and his laundry lists and promises sound good, but good intentions are not enough. What makes this deeply galling is that the Bush Administration is ALL intention and NO result, to an astonishing degree. 'Results' are precisiely what the Bushies lack, from the wars to fiscal policy to health care, to etc. etc. etc.]

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