Monday, August 02, 2004


Strong Leadership. Leadership. Strong.

President Bush's news conference today was notable for its especial brittleness, shakiness. I defy any honest conservative to watch the tape and assert with a straight face that this is a strong leader. And it's not just a matter of style, although that helps.

Highlights include:

- at least one VERY long pause before Bush could think of a word to say in answer to a fair and not terribly aggressive question;

- nice example of Bush's signature annoyed peevish BS-artist stammer;

- a pointed refusal to call on Helen Thomas (opting instead for that hot young stenographer from MSNBC);

- Bush's pronouncing mullahs as 'MOOOLAHS'. (let's talk about 'moolah', shall we?)

We swim in a sea of Dada....

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