Thursday, September 09, 2004


Outsourced Nation, PT 2 - the Co-Dependent Variation

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Charles Pierce writes in the American Prospect:

[White House Chief of Staff Andy Card] attempted to explain how the president feels about the 200 million-odd souls who are, after all, his employers:

"It struck me as I was speaking to people in Bangor, Maine, that this president sees America as we think about a 10-year-old child. I know as a parent I would sacrifice all for my children."

I wish it hadn't been Andy Card who gave us this peek behind the curtain, because I know him to be a sensible, decent person who wouldn't have mouthed this lunacy unless he really meant it. If it had come from one of the wolverines in Karl Rove's shop, it wouldn't have been half as frightening. Nevertheless, what Card said perfectly encapsulates this administration's approach to governance -- its fundamental contempt for democratic restraints and its hubristic insolence toward any limits on its political appetites. Our president is our Daddy. He will make his wars to keep us safe, and all we have to do is love him back, and do what he tells us to do. Go shopping. Go on happy vacations. Leave the decisions to Daddy and to Daddy's friends. They run things so we don't have to.

During the convention, I know some people were scratching their heads about ol' Zell bringing up Wendell Wilkie v FDR in his speech, but I think it's all part of the uber-script. Not only does the GOP want to undo FDR, but they simultaniously want us to emotionally, substitute Bush for FDR! Cop that 'paternal feeling'. Of course, FDR actually did calm and reassure people as time went on - but the Bushies approach their job not as a matter of actual governance or leadership, but rather as one of pitching a 'high-concept' idea for a prime-time Television Event. If you think of it that way, it makes a very cheesy, Hollywood kind of sense. Their idea of leadership is to encourage people to blend TV/movie fantasy with reality. And why not? This sort of thing has been 'green-lighted' before.

Did I mention I despise these people?

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