Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Courtesan in Chief

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No real comment, just thought people would enjoy the pic, which was provided by the pic-master, a certian Fitley who has ALL the good graphics.

Most of the talk in the blogosphere today is about the latest example of crony capitalism (or 'courtesan capitalism') 'poking a nose' into our conciousness, making some of us in the Body Politic get - as Fat Bastard would say - 'all emotional': Sinclair Broadcasting's shameless politicking for their patrons in the White House. If you've missed the controversy somehow (perhaps you busy doing something more directly related to your own life), click on either the 'TPM' or 'Legal Fiction' link on the blogroll on the left for all the pertinent info and links.

By all means, this is a good time to interrupt our consumerist stream-of-semi-conciousness and get some boycott action (actual or threatened) going against companies who do national ad buys on the Sinclair chain (if you actually live in one of Sinclair's markets, make your voice heard by local advertizers). Ad revenues are down all across broadcast as it is, so they're mighty touchy about it. Unfortunately, our FCC is and has been a piece of shit for the last few years, so this is probably the only good way to fight back. Obviously, Sinclair is going for broke here. If there were justice, they would lose their licences after the election, although this is unlikely, even if Kerry wins. Broadcasters in America are granted use of the airwaves as 'public trustees' (that's what the licences actually say). HA.

[UPDATE Still haven't 'hit the links' about Sinclair Broadcasting? Here's one to get you started - it tells you which markets have Sinclair stations. Raise hell!]

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