Friday, October 22, 2004


The Customer is Always Right

there is no flag PIMPING amendment
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President Bush stands for a culture of passivity and irresponsibility, a culture of weakness, entitlement and permissiveness.

CNN Poll of the day: Do you believe that Mount St. Helens will erupt again in the next two years? Yes: 50% No: 49% Don't Know: 1%

There is a difference between a citizen and a consumer. A citizen has the duty to make informed decisions; a consumer simply has to have a preference or an opinion - founded, unfounded, it makes no difference ('Pepsi Clear is clear, not brown. As a woman, I like that'). Evidently, about half the electorate (or, to be fair, probably more) doesn't know the difference between the two roles. If you haven't yet read the PIPA report (and you are part of the 'reality-based community'), prepare to be amazed. In it, you find that a large majority of Bush supporters believe all sorts of things which simply aren't true, aren't debatable. (I can hear the protest right now; no it's NOT my 'opinion' that those things aren't true. They AREN'T true). They believe them because they want to believe them, as if their total job as citizens is to have an opinion, whether they know anything about the subject or not. They feel arrogantly entitled, that their pulling any opinion out of their ass or anywhere else is their sacred American right. There is no sense at all of concomitant responsibility.

In these closing days of this wretched presidential campaign, I would like to see Kerry and Edwards hammer Bush on his terrible, weak, permissive, values. The Bush campaign is increasingly desperate, a doddering shit-tower; but they have to make it last only a few more days. Kick. It. Over.

(By all means, click on the pic above to get a good look - maybe you'll want to actually order a gross of patriotic vomit-bags, or whatever they are).

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