Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Debate Preview!

TKOs don't count
Originally uploaded by jonnybutter.

President Bush will distort and lie and be peeved and repeat the same crap over and over. Kerry will speak English and answer the questions in substantive but still slightly senatorial locutions. Pundits will blab mindlessly and self-importantly; some will 'dot their drawers' in silly-billy excitement. Passive-aggressive 'undecideds' will continue to secretly thrill at being, in a very small way, the center of attention for a change; and, rather than work (ie 'think') at figuring out how they ought to vote, will instead continue to sit mulishly and wait for something to 'happen' to make their minds up for them.

[UPDATE: Hey! I was right! Does that mean I'm now a 'pundit'?]

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