Monday, October 25, 2004


President Bush: Fuck Yeah!

is this a great country or what?!
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I choose to be an optimist. I'm tired of all the whiners, the gloom-and-doomers, the complainers. America is at her best when she looks forward, not backward. My parents grew up poor and look at where they are today: doing OK! My life is pretty fucking great at the moment. And I look around me and see other people who's lives are pretty fucking great, and I think: everything's gonna be OK. It's all going to work out. It always does.

The war on terror is going to be really hard. Thank god we have a tough 'son-of-a-bitch' in the White House. Yeah, Bush is kind of a dick, but we need a dick right now. I leave it to him. You think Janeane Garafolo is better?! Give me a break! You hear a lot of stuff on the news and whatnot, but of course you can't trust the news. It's so pessimistic! Look at Dan Rather! It's all about the benjamins, of course. None of it really matters. I'm not fooled by the news and the pundits. And those liberal Hollywood types? They're all sooo superior. Look at Michael Moore! He's so fat! (and what's with that fucking baseball cap?!). They all want us to keep track of all these stupid details, which I don't believe anyway - these people are such a bring down. Dude, it's just not that dire! Lighten up!

Sure president Bush looks like a total dork sometimes and might have fucked some things up here and there. Could you do any better? I couldn't, and nobody I know could. That's just the way Americans are, anyway. Plus, he's funny. We need to laugh MORE, not less! Older people just don't understand what it's like to be a young person these days. The future is uncertain. The economy is uncertain. The environment is gonna look like 'Blade Runner' no matter what anyway. Our parents were self-absorbed assholes who didn't love us (they spoiled us, but didn't love us). Religion is all bullshit. Politics is all bullshit. Reading books is bullshit, unless it's fantasy or sci-fi. (Now it looks like the Boomers are going to live forever so they'll never get out of our way! We'll still be force-fed 'the Boss' when we're 60!). We know that ten years down the road, no one is going to listen to the hit music being created today. Same with tv shows and movies. All disposable. Everything's already happened, pretty much. And the hippies didn't have to deal with AIDS or herpes, or metal detectors in schools. And it was so easy for them to get pot!

So, to conclude: Think positive. Laugh more! (If I got cancer, I know I'd make a joke out of it, cause I have a sense of humor!) Follow your gut! America is not Europe. We're on a positive tip.

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