Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Let The 'Eagle' Soarrr!

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Imagine how hard it must be to put out The Onion every week! I don't know how they stick to their charge of doing parody news when so much of the news itself defies parody. That they don't swing into wild clotted satire is a testiment to their nerve and resolve.

Lex A. over at Blog on the Run catches a good one from the Indiana caucus of that Exhaltation of Larks, that Pride of Lionhearts, the Cream, the Seed of Genius we know as the US House of Representitives. A Rep. Hostettler is introducing legislation to change the name of interstate I-69 to something more 'moral'. Really. Seems that teenagers snigger when he wears an 'I-69' pin (there is such a thing?). So clearly, this is an issue which needs to be put 'front and center', so to speak.

By the way, Lex's blog is a good one, and particularly notable because Lex is one of a dying breed: the reasonable, funny, sane, moderate Republican. People like him serve to remind us that it's not only people of the GOP who have valiantly carried on the real, moral work of the government - for example, introducing such concepts as oral sex at gunpoint to hapless youngsters....but, let's face it, it mostly is them. Sorry Lex. The Club For Growth calls people like you RINOs, but naturally, they're actually describing themselves, aren't they?

[UPDATE: Thanks to Ken at Heraldblog for the heads up that the 1-69 story is apparently a hoax. The perpetrator, a middle school geography teacher named Josh Whicker "just thought it would be a funny news story that some might believe was real." I guess the tip-off should've been the 'I-69 pin', an unlikely detail. The upshot is that this story was very easy to believe, unlike the horse pucky some of the PMRC ladies believed about heavy metal records (11 cycle tones, secret messages, backwards masking, etc.)]

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