Sunday, November 28, 2004


Precious Moments

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Like many bloggers, I've been taking a little break lately; I had no idea how burnt-out I was until I stopped! Anyway, it's been nice to get away from it for a few days. I've got some pieces brewing and should get back to more frequent posting this week.

In the meantime...a couple fun facts about Cheney:

1.) Is everyone aware that he is only 63 years old?! (He'll be 64 at the end of January '05.) Our National Dick is not only Unsafe At Any Speed but also Old At Any Age.

2.) His name was originally pronounced 'CHEEnee'. Evidently, once he ascended/decended into the 'bigtime' people just assumed it was 'CHAY-nee', and it stuck. He mentioned all this a couple years ago, and also said he might revert to the original pronunciation. I've been derisively calling him 'CHEEnee' for years, and am delighted to have been right all along.


One other thing. A few weeks ago, I silently added a blog called 'Your Right Hand Thief' to my blogroll; I thought a seamless 'excuse' for citing one of his posts would present itself, but I guess my imagination wasn't up to it. I've been reading it for several months, and commend it to you - no excuse needed. Oyster does a good job, managing to be both informative and funny about goings on in his hometown of New Orleans and elsewhere. A recent post about vital fluids, security, and the perils of young parenthood is laugh-out-loud; also check out one about a busted New Orleans madam who is about to spill the beans on some of her High Snazz clients (the usual suspects - moral/political leaders, sports stars). Good stuff.

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